Establishing the BDVA

Founding the BDVA

The Big Data Public Private Forum, as it was initially called, was intended to create the path towards implementation of the roadmaps. The path required two major elements: 1) a mechanism to transform the roadmaps into real agendas supported by the necessary resources (economic investment of both public and private stakeholders) and, 2) a community committed to making the investment and collaborating towards the implementation of the agendas.

The BIG consortium was convinced that achieving this outcome would require creating a broad awareness and commitment outside of the project. BIG took the necessary steps to contact major players and to liaise with the NESSI European Technology Platform to jointly work towards this endeavour. The collaboration was set up in the summer of 2013 and allowed the BIG partners to establish the necessary high-level connections at both industrial and political-levels. The objective was reached in collaboration with NESSI with the launch of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and the Big Data Value contractual Public Private Partnership (BDV cPPP) within Horizon 2020.

The BDVA is a fully self-financed not–for-profit organisation under Belgian law with 24 founding members from large and small industry and research, including many partners of the BIG project. The BDVA is an industrially-led representative community of stakeholders ready to commit to a Big Data Value cPPP with a willingness to invest money and time.

Big Data Value Association

Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is an industry-driven international non–for-profit organisation with over 180 members all over Europe and a well-balanced composition of large, small, and medium-sized industries as well as research and user organizations.


The mission of the BDVA is to develop the Innovation Ecosystem that will enable the data-driven digital transformation in Europe delivering maximum economic and societal benefit, and, achieving and sustaining Europe’s leadership on Big Data Value creation and Artificial Intelligence.

Strategic Priorities

Big Data Value Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (BDV SRIA)

Since 2014 BDVA publishes a Big Data Value Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), defining the overall goals, main technical and non-technical priorities, and a research and innovation roadmap for the European Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Big Data Value. The key BDV PPP implementation mechanisms are:

  • Innovation Spaces (i-Spaces)
  • Lighthouse projects
  • Technical projects
  • Cooperation and coordination projects

Find the BDV SRIA v4.0 at

European Big Data Value Public Private Partnership (BDV cPPP)

The European contractual Public Private Partnership on Big Data Value (BDV cPPP) was signed on 13 October 2014 marking the commitment of the European Commission, industry and partners from academia to build a data-driven economy across Europe. The cPPP programme has been operationalised with the launch of the LEIT work programme 2016/2017 with the first cPPP projects starting on January 2017. Find further information at

BDVA is the private counterpart to the European Commission to implement the Big Data Value PPP program.

Source: BDVA Brochure

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